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Each of us knows that the world is undergoing a process of turbulent change. There is an element of uncertainty & inscurity in the air. There is a challenge to migrate ourselves towards the world o wisdom with the help of knowledge. In the present scenerio of globalization, Communicative English is playing a significant role to hone & polish the preparing himself to face the challenges in carrier. Private & public sector has awakened to the importance of english communication to survive in today`s comptetive environment.


To make this journey of knowledge fruitful & seamless, "Howard Institure of English Language and Personality Develoment" (A Division of S.S.L.K.D. Group of Educational Institutes, registered by government of Uttar Pradesh and Govt. of India) has built a talent pool of the best faculty & teaching pattern available in academic. Being passionate in their noble profession, every faculty at Howard Institute goes about their way in creating a conductive their way in creating a conductive learning ambience for the English learner.


Howard Institute has designed all its courses in such a format that hepls sutudents at each level to develop & master language for the future challenges. These courses comprise intrictely discussed topics including group discussion, Interview skills, presentaions,Business communication including C.V. writing,all office correspondence & documentation, Reports, Fax, Memo. The Course also polish & develop interpersonal talk. personality development, American & British accents, vocabulary, Telephonic skills with he help of computer system, accentometer, O.H.P. & Audio-Video conference etc.


Imbibng life values, other than professional knowledge in every student, is the teaching philosphy of howard Institue. This ultra modern method of teaching like `Gurukul` not only builds the students`s carrier but also inculcates the required attutude and principal of life. That`s why every faculty of Howard Institure Becomes the mentor of young minds who are out to shape their destng and leave their mark on the path of success.

- Sd -
M.K. Singh
M.A.,M.Ed & Mphil
( Director )